Bali here we come :-)

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    Off Monday for only 11 days. Hope it isn't raining too much. Kids can't wait.

    Am going to get new specs for the first time in Bali, have a new prescription and a new pair of frames, just need to get lenses for them. Any info would be nice (optometrist , location etc)


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  2. shorty

    hi gongbanger, hope you and the kids have a great time.

    i've bought my specs/lenses in bali for years. my experience is go for the 'bigger' places. sure, locals might be a bit cheaper, but my eyes are priceless.

    if you're in/around the main tourist areas then either optik melawai or optik seis have many outlets. google them. i prefer melawai. hardy's supermarkets also have hardy's optik attached. of late i use them in tabanan.

    MOST IMPORTANT! supplying lenses can take around a week for uncomplicated prescriptions.

    as you're staying 11 days, i'd hit the shops no later than day 2 or 3.

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    Thanks for that shorty. Yes I plan to do my specs business the first morning to get it out the way and make sure I give them heaps of time.

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  4. eagle

    I gotta say that it is probably better and cheaper to get your specs. in Australia. With the deals that optical chains are doing and,if you have it, the private health insurance rebate it is far cheaper to get optical lenses in Oz particularly if you have a radical prescription like me. Also I had one pair from a reputable shop in Kuta and the multifocals were subsequently found to be out of alignment. Finally if you are told your glasses will be ready in a couple of days it is likely you are being sold stock which is nearest to your prescription. Prescription lenses are not manufactured on the island; they come from Jakarta.

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    Well I've had new lenses put into some new frames and so far so good. I don't have private health insurance, so looking for a rebate was out of the question. The frames that I wanted were $AUD 395 at home and was quoted $AUD 600 for my prescription lenses. Grand total of $AUD 995.

    Did a fair bit of Internet searching and paid $AUD 142 for the same frames. Paid $AUD 115 for my lenses at Optik Seis at Discovery Mall for a grand total of $AUD 258.

    Is the quality of the lenses as good as at home, well only time will tell. I've either scored a real bargin, or the quality that I'm looking for is going to cost me and extra $AUD 115 bucks back home that I paid in Bali.

    On a sour note. While the Mrs and daughter did some shopping at Kuta Art Market, the son and I went for a walk along Kuta beach and I've never seen it as bad as it was. The rubbish, coconuts, trees, etc was piled that high that it stretched all the way to Legian. Seriously, you would need 50 dump trucks to move it, and it stinks.

    We have friends who haven't been to Bali for a long time and friend who have never been, who want to come with us next time, how do you show them this mess that we call paradise. :-(

    Still getting 10.300 to the $ and the weather has been great. A little bit of rain but mostly at night.

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    Oh, one more thing. It took me 8 days to get my specs back. :-)

    Happy seeing.

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  7. shorty

    hi gongbanger, glad the specs worked out.

    the kuta rubbish - cyclone iggy, wet season......

    a pile of rubbish on kuta beach upsets tourists?

    imagine you're one of the beach vendors....

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    Off to Bali again on 31 Mar for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to a nice relaxing (no shopping) holiday. Really peoples, the good wife shouldn’t see the need to shop again when we were only there 10 weeks ago.....That’s right isn’t it… ;-)

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  9. Islander

    I'll be there 4/19. I've bought just about every piece of junk there is to buy in Bali, but for the past few visits we've been villa-ing for a night in Seminyak to be close to the airport on the way out, and there's some tempting stuff there. Keep her away from Paul Ropp outlets GB!

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  10. simens

    Its nice to know and i will welcome those who are in Bali right now although i am not in BALI right now :)
    If it is your first visit then just let you know that you should watch these places at any cost for the best fun in your tour.
    Sanur beach
    Goa Gajah
    Tampak Siring
    You should get the further details first of these places and have a good time there.

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  11. In November, I am visiting in Bali with my girlfriend. We shall stay at Aleesha villas for 3 days. Any good market in Bali for shopping?

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