Ikat fabric

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  1. tygalilli

    any idea how much a metre of fabric should cost (bought off the roll at the markets). not sure where to begin in the bargaining process... ;)

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  2. shorty

    this is a little like how long is a piece of string.

    do you want the look or the real thing?

    if the fabric being offered is on a roll it will probably be machine loomed and/or printed. this is not a traditional fabric.

    traditionally the standard size is around 2 x 1 metre, tho larger/smaller/longer/wider pieces can and are made.

    you say 'ikat', but what do you mean? batik/ikat/double ikat/endek/songket.....? are you referring to the pattern or the weave?

    for me, the first floor of the markets at semarapura (ok islander, klungklung) has the best variety of fabrics. prices are 'local'. very few bule make it upstairs, and it's great to get out of austbalia to a more gentle local environment.

    ps. did you check out the suggestions from your previous posts on the same/similar topic? were the responses useful?

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