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  1. Berry

    We have a family run gem and jewelry design business in the US with a wholesale relationship
    in the UK. We are looking for a local partner in Bali. That partnership can simply be a sourcing relationship or as involved as setting up a Balinese business to produce and design the jewelry. Our objective
    is to create a business that eventually establishes a facility in Bali with a dedicated craftsperson
    and design team in Bali. We are focused on high quality craftsmanship coupled with a unique
    design that will lead to the development of a recognizable brand.

    We are planning a trip to Bali in November and would like to meet with potential partners during
    the trip.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated.



    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. kto

    We did the jewellery search and I suggest you try a get a tour guide as there are varying factory sizes, styles etc. We got a driver to take us to the region and then we just went in and out of factories/warehouses until we liked what we saw. Ours is for very small business so it was easier but it can be a challenge.

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  3. eagle

    Dear Mark,
    There is a big difference between engaging a supplier and creating a joint venture. You should be aware of the eminent firm John Hardie. This is an entity but other in all sectors of the jewellery business simply find suppliers. Regardless of who your best new friend is in Bali generally the commission made by drivers etc is above 30% so be careful as these secret kickbacks can be on going. The other high end scam is that you can have 925st. or 18ct. or probably whatever you want stamped plus the high cost of gold and silver leads to difficult to analyse alloy and plating techniques. You need to tread extremely cautiously as it does take time to establish a business relationship and never believe some contractual form is watertight. The locals have the home advantage and many buyers I know have learnt this the costly way. Should you have specific questions you could publish your email and I will contact you.

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  4. AdrianBatten

    Hi Mark,

    my wife is an award-winning French designer.
    Her work is mostly 1-of-a-kind contemporary & v. creative.
    Can be adapted to larger runs but only in design capacity.
    i.e. not interested in responsability of overseeing production.
    If interested plse let me know & I will advise website.
    Thks & best,
    Adrian Batten

    Posted 1 year ago #
  5. Mikebali

    Hi Mark, did you find what you are looking for?

    Posted 2 weeks ago #

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