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  1. emc4444

    Eric A McKenzie says:
    January 12, 2013 at 8:30 am
    Eric A McKenzie
    Ex Sales Director- Regent Vacation Club.

    I will now offer some honest advice, and if you do not heed my advice, you have only yourself to blame.

    I have been in the Timeshare Industry for 25 years, and worked for some of the most prestigious companies on the planet, and have many tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

    In August last year I was approached by Regent Vacation Club, to take over their operation and, make it into a conventional Timeshare operation, with the Ramayana Corporation as the owning company behind it, (Ramayana Hotel, Rama Beach, Kuta Sea View, Pondok Sari, Flapjacks, Rosso Vivo and with other well known brands in Bali, I believed this company to be honest, this I have found out is the furthest from the truth hence my resignation on Boxing Day 2012.

    This company operates a policy to steal deposits; it actively wants people to cancel so it can steal their money, I in all my years have never experienced this and it has sickened me to the core.

    In ten years this company only has 1200 members, 120 members a year, less than 10 a month, any conventional company would have 120 members a month, the reason being it WANTS PEOPLE TO CANCEL TO STEAL THEIR MONEY.

    It sells a small amount of points that only allows its members to holiday back in Bali in a small 6 week window, in the lowest season that is in Bali.

    I Have actively sat down with their PATHETIC Business Development Manager “The German Weasel” Thomas Wiese, the instigator of this theft system, if you put his name into you will see his history in Timeshare it is a fabrication, he has been equally poor at all previous postings, They refuse to join the global governing body ARDA, and follow their rules of conduct.

    The final straw for me when the Company “Regent Vacation Club” was sold to a British Virgin Isles Company, with the Travel agent arm of the Ramayana Corporation being the companies sole agent in Indonesia, places it in a country where is absolutely no consumer protection.
    They now intend to offer finance from a Singaporean Company they have set up to steal even more money…………..The highest level of deceit I have ever seen in all of my 25 years.

    To this end I have now decided to help members who have either paid a deposit or in full or are part way through a payment plan to get ALL THEIR MONEY BACK IN FULL, to this end I have already successfully had over 200,000 USD refunded to clients.

    I require all of the following information:-

    1. Date of Purchase
    2. Total Purchase Price
    3. Contract Number
    4. Amount of Deposit paid (and on which card)
    5. Payment plan
    6. Points allocated
    7. First year of occupancy
    8. Total money paid to date.
    9. Any verbal promises made to you (this is the least important)

    Citibank know me well, they are aware of my position, and are aware that I am in possession in so much damning material, that a letter sent from me will suffice.

    I am in the process of setting up a full CLASS ACTION SUIT against Citibank, and need another 100 members to come forward, so I ask you all please copy and paste this post everywhere, Perth Face book, consumer sites, newspapers everywhere, and tell all your friends to re-post, I want to make this viral all over Australia

    I must apologize, the comments on the site from the following people are fictitious and are from members of my old staff, and one previous to my tenure, please forgive me this error of judgment:-

    • LILY
    • ABU ALI

    With your help I will bring this company to its knees

    Kind Regards
    Eric McKenzie

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  2. plainjane71

    Hie, it DOESN’T STOP after you paid the full subscription. You have then to fork up the money for the annual maintenance which increases almost every year. Even that I kept quiet. But what pissed me MOST is that they sent me a WARNING to pay up through email and slapped me with a 10% penalty on my maintenance fees for late pay up. I told them that I did not receive any instruction from them to pay previously and ask them to deduct my credit card for only the maintenance without the penalty. Little did I know that they HAD THE AUDICITY to deduct also the penalty. Later when I complained, I found out that they send the mails to my house address and not postal address. When I checked back my registration form for RCI, it was clearly spelt out my mailing address. When pointed out to them, Mike Zuna told me that the RCI registration form details filled up by them is only applicable for RCI and not RVC. That is why they are still CORRECT IN SENDING THE INVOICE TO THE WRONG ADDRESS.. Now isn’t that mind boggling? Why can’t they just apologise for their mistake when I told them that I did not want to take up the matter to refund back the money but just to ensure that things like this don’t happen in the future? My advise to others is to email to them at the end of the year for the invoice so that you can pay up…

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  3. suze

    Is there any way to get out of the contract. My partner and I signed up in 2009 in a silly honeymoon holiday blur. We have continued to pay the ever increasing maintanence fees and have never once used the program. The resorts they showed us when we signed up and trips are never free and costs just as much when you pay the fees etc

    My partner has recently lost his job and we are struggling to pay hte mortage

    I have contacted RVC to ask how we can stop the contract and all they send is another invoice. I can't remember signing up for 10 years as we would never have commited to that. i was positive during the conversation it was for 5 years with the option to extend for 10. I should had looked at the contract more carefully as it is written 10

    I cant and wont pay anymore so any advice you can give would be great

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  4. chandlereb

    Good luck with this Eric, but why is your Class Action suit against Citibank?
    RVC is the culprit.

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